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Shopping online for replacement pool filter cartridges or DE grids?  Before you make your purchase be sure you are ordering the right ones so you can avoid having to do a return and re-order.  There are two types of pool owners: ones that have their swimming pool maintained by a pool service company or do-it-yourselfers.  Most Do-it-yourselfers that maintain their own pool are very familiar with their pool equipment and thus most likely know exactly what they need to purchase.  Although, some may not have yet had to work with their filter.  So for those do-it-yourselfers and those that use a pool service this is for you.  

You probably don't know much about the type of pool equipment you have.  So, either talk to your pool service man, look in the owner's manual that came with the equipment or go in the backyard and take a close look at your equipment.  You will need either the actual replacement filter part number, the manufacturer and model of the filter, or the manufacturer and the dimensions of the replacement filter.

Taking the time to gather this information before you shop online will help ensure you order the correct replacement filter for your pool.  This will also help minimize the risk of buying the wrong filters.  When you buy the wrong filters you will have to return them.  Most online pool supply stores require that the customer pay to ship the products back when the customer ordered the wrong product.  So in order to receive your refund you have to ship them back and then you will only be refunded for the actual product charges, not the shipping charges.  It's no fault of theirs, they had to pay a shipper to deliver the products to you and since you ordered the wrong products it only makes sense that you be liable for that mistake.

I hope you can see the need and value of taking the time to determine exactly what you need before purchasing replacement pool filters online.  Buying these types of items online isn't like buying a pair of shoes or a book or a dvd.  These products are sold based on the customer knowing the exact part number they need.  So, please do your homework before you shop for replacement pool filters online.  You'll be glad you did.