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Pool Pump Shaft Seals and Go-Kits

Shaft seals and Go Kits

When replacing your pump motor it is recommended to ALWAYS replace the shaft seal.  The pool pump shaft seal is the seal that prevents water from leaking into the motor and damaging it.  Many people think that the shaft seal goes with the motor, but actually the shaft seal fits between the pump diffuser and the motor shaft so the pump manufacturer/model and/or pump shaft seal part number is actually what is needed to determine the proper shaft seal for your pool pump.

We also offer GO-KITS which contain all the gaskets/o-rings/seals for a particular pump model.  These kits include a shaft seal in addition to all the other seals for your pump.

Below we have provided simple steps for you to follow in order to determine the shaft seal needed for your pump.  If at any time you need assistance please feel free to contact us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 954-558-0584.

  1. Determine your pool pump manufacturer/model and/or your pump shaft seal part number.
    • If you have your owner's manual for your pool pump you can retrieve this information from there.  The parts diagram for your pool pump should show the shaft seal original part number. 
    • OR
    • Go to your actual pool pump and look for a label on the pump side where the leaf strainer basket is to retrieve the information (Note: Not the info on the actual motor)
  2. Access our Shaft Seal Cross Reference document.Click here to view
  3. When viewing the Shaft Seal Cross Reference document do the following:
    • Find a match in the Pump Mfg. column to your pool pump manufacturer.
    • Next search in the Pump Model column for a match to your pool pump model.
    • If you don't have pump model, then match your pool pump shaft seal part number to the Mfg. No. column value.  
  4. Once you identify the row that matches your pool pump, locate the following two columns in the row:
    • Premium Seal  (shaft seal for standard chlorine pools)
    • Ozone Salt Service (shaft seal for pools with salt systems)
  5. Note the number for the shaft seal found for your pool.
  6. We carry either the exact shafts seals listed or a universal replacement.  Search products listed below for the shaft seal you need or type in the shaft seal number in the Product Search feature on the right side of the web page.