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Owners of the Hayward DE2400, DE3600, DE4800, and DE6000 filters are quickly realizing that their filter systems have been discontinued and replaced with newer Hayward models:  DE2420, DE3620, DE4820, and DE6020.  

The good news is that the most common parts that need to be replaced, the actual DE Grids themselves, are still available.  Further, Hayward is using the same DE grids in both the old and new models.  Some other parts are still available as well but many now require an after-market replacement part.

Here is a list of complete sets of DE grids available for the various obsolete Hayward Micro Clear DE filters:

FS-2002 for the Hayward DE2400 for $71.00
FS-2003 for the Hayward DE3600 for $95.00
FS-2004 for the Hayward DE4800 for $122.00
FS-2005 for the Hayward DE6000 for $149.00

The bad news is that the actual tank and lid have been discontinued and are no longer available.  So, if your system gets a crack or pinhole leak and you really don't feel like re-plumbing all your pipes to fit a new filter system you may be out of luck.   For more information about your options contact Hayward at 908-355-7995.

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You may want to consider a cartridge filter to replace your old filter.  Hayward filters come in many shapes and sizes.  Their cartridge filters come in sizes to fit any residential or commercial pool filtration needs.  The new Hayward SwimClear single element models have been designed with the customer in mind.  Ergonomically designed to make maintenance a breeze.  Recessed pressure gauge to protect from damage during maintenance, easy grip handles on the lid, and of course, a cartridge that just requires rinsing with a garden hose instead of a D.E. backwash.

If you find you need to replace your old Hayward DE filter unit with a newer one come check out our prices at All Pool Filters 4 Less - Hayward DE Filters.