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In-Ground Pool Cover Water Tubes - Black 1 ft x 8 ft Double Water Tube

Product Code: WTB-1010

Price: $7.49

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In-ground pool cover water tubes.  These are double chamber water tubes used to prevent rolling and movement to help better secure your pool cover.

These water tubes are made of heavy duty 16 gauge vinyl and are made to withstand tough winter climates without splitting or breaking.

Size:  1 ft x 8 ft
Color:  Available in blue (WTB-1001) or black (WTB-1010)

How many do you need to order?

To determine how many water tubes you need for your pool cover just identify the measurements of your pool cover.  For example, suppose you have a 25 ft x 45 ft pool cover for a 20 ft x 40 ft rectangular pool.  Most in-ground pool covers have 5 ft overlap of extra material. You would need to determine how many 8 ft tubes would fit in each 25 ft side and in each 45 ft side.  For this example, three 8 ft water tubes would go in each 25 ft side (8 x 3 =24) and five 8 ft sections would go in each 45 ft side (8 x 5 = 40) making for a total of 16 water tubes needed for this pool cover.