A. O. Smith ST1072 A.O. Smith 3/4 HP full-rated round flange pump motor ST1102 A.O. Smith 1 HP Full rated Round Flange pool pump motor.. Product #: ST1072 Regular price: $141.95 $141.95

ST1072 A.O. Smith 3/4 HP full-rated round flange pump motor

Brand: A. O. Smith
Product Code: ST1072
Weight: 20.00lb


A.O. Smith ST1072 replacement pool pump motor

This A.O. Smith ST1072 pool pump motor has the following specifications:

Horse Power:  3/4 HP
RPM:    3,450
Volts:   230/115 V
Motor Type:  UAC
Enclosure:  ODP
Speed:  Single
Flange:  Round

NOTE:  It is recommended to always replace the shaft seal when replacing a motor. See link below for details about purchasing shaft seal.

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Replacement for the following part numbers:

C1099, C1437, C488, C48J2N118, C48J2N122A1, C48J2N131HH, C48K2DA144, C48K2DB141A1, C48K2N102, C48K2N104, C48K2N106, C48K2N113, C48K2N117A1, C48K2N117A3, C48K2N117A7, C48K2N117A8, C48K2N119, C48K2N120, C48K2N122, C48K2N122A2, C48K2N124, C48K2N126, C48K2N142, C48K2N142A3, C48K2N142A4, C48K2N143B1, C48K2N143B3, C48K2N143B4, C48K2N143C2, CT107C, EB127, JD75FL1, M543, S88-171, SP1605Z1MP, SPX1605Z1M, ST1072, SW2558, V15443, 11028, 15443, 15925, 164564, 165111, 177024, 177842, 19135, 1K046, 317P809, 5KC33MN2514X, 5KCR39PN2906AX, 5KCR39PN2906X, 82305, 91723, B127, B137, B626, B638, B988

Replacement motor for the following pump models:

FULL RATE ENERGY EFFICIENT models: Hayward Super II Energy Efficient, Hayward Northstar Full Rate and Jacuzzi Magnum Full Rate