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Super Pro Super-Pro 3/4 HP booster pump Super-Pro 3/4 HP Booster pump - All Pool Filters 4 Less.. Product #: SG3810430-1PDA Regular price: $249.99 $249.99

Super-Pro 3/4 HP booster pump

Brand: Super Pro
Product Code: SG3810430-1PDA
Weight: 32.00lb


The Super-Pro SG3810430-1PDA 3/4 HP booster pump is the ideal pump to run your Polaris 480 PRO, 380, 280, and 180 automatic pool cleaners.

This is a booster pump comparable to the Polaris PB4-60 made by Super-Pro.

The Super-Pro SG3810430-1PDA booster pump enables you to efficiently run your pool cleaner.