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Sta-Rite MaxEGlas and DuraGlas 1998 to present models P2R and P2RA pump seal go-kit

Brand: Super-Pro
Product Code: GO-KIT54-9

Price: $23.99

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  • The GO-KIT54-9 is intended for the Sta-Rite MaxEGlas and DuraGlas pump series (only models P2RA and P2R from 1998 to present).
  • It contains all the replacement seals/gaskets for your pump.
  • At a minimum the shaft seal is recommended to be changed when you replace your motor.
  • However, to ensure all pump seals/gaskets are working as intended you can buy this kit.  It contains the following:
    • 1 seal plate o-ring/gasket
    • 1 diffuser o-ring/gasket
    • 1 impeller o-ring/gasket
    • 1 leaf basket lid o-ring/gasket
    • 1 pump shaft seal