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The Pottery Patch Low Bowl Planters CH1210-1212 Set of 3 Set of 3 Low Bowl Planters CH1210-CH1212.. Product #: ch1210-1212 Regular price: $190.00 $190.00

Low Bowl Planters CH1210-1212 Set of 3

Brand: The Pottery Patch
Product Code: ch1210-1212
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Low Bowl planter pots have become quite popular with the increased interest in succulents.  Our offering of low bowls have great neutral colors to let your beautiful plants stand out.  The bowls are also light weight so they are easy to move around the house or patio.  We find these are also great for planting shallow root flowers and plants such as Amaryllis, Iris, Day Lillies, and even pineapple.  Plants that multiply have room to spread in these beautiful low bowl pots.


SET OF 3 Low Bowl Planters  ch1210-ch1212

7" H X 17" W
9" H X 21" W
12-1/2" H X 27-1/2" W
AVAILABLE IN 3 COLORS: Cream, Sand, and Lead

This is a set of 3 fiber clay low bowl planters that will certainly help create a wonderful accent around your pool area. Fill with your favorite plants.

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