US Motors ASQ095 US Motors 3/4 HP up-rated square flange pump motor ASQ095 US Motors 3/4 HP Square Flange pool pump motor.. Product #: ASQ095 Regular price: $133.99 $133.99

ASQ095 US Motors 3/4 HP up-rated square flange pump motor

Brand: US Motors
Product Code: ASQ095
Weight: 20.00lb


US Motors ASQ095 AquaShield replacement pool pump motor.  Made in the U.S.A.

This US Motors ASQ095 pool pump motor has the following specifications:

Horse Power:  3/4 HP
RPM:    3,450
Volts:   230/115 V
Motor Type:  CX
Enclosure:  ODP
Speed:  Single
Flange:  Square

NOTE:  It is recommended to always replace the shaft seal when replacing a motor. See link below for details about purchasing shaft seal.

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Replacement for the following part numbers:
A100DLL, C48B18B84, C48J2EC102, C48J2EC102A1, C48J2EC105, C48J2EC15, C48J2EM15, C48J2P104, C48J2PA104, C48J2PA104A1, C48J2PA104A3, C48J2PA105, C48J2PA105A1, C48J2PA105A7, C48J2PA105C1, C56J2B34, USQ1072, B691, B852, B852SE, B852SM, C1244, 16858, 54002, 5KC36MN2533X, 5KC36MN2533BX, 5KC36MN2533BX, HSQ95

Replacement motor for the following pump models:
Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas, Max-E-Glas II, Dura-Glas, Dura-Glas II, Dyna-Glas, Dyna-Max, Pentair Whisperflow,
Pinnacle and Anthony AR2 Series. 

More about the US Motors AquaShield brand by NIDEC Corp:

Aqua-Shield,™ which joins the U.S. MOTORS® brand family of pool motors manufactured by Nidec, is designed to provide superior moisture resistance inside the motor where water can damage the motor bearings/windings and cause premature motor failure. This helps prevent that common loud running caused by water damaged bearings which results in motor failure.