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Unicel UNICEL 5CH-402 Sundance spa filter replacement cartridge (2-pack) Sundance Spa Filter UNICEL 5CH-402 40 sq. ft. cartridge for Del Sol - All Pool Filters 4 Less.. Product #: 5ch-402 Regular price: $68.99 $68.99

UNICEL 5CH-402 Sundance spa filter replacement cartridge (2-pack)

Brand: Unicel
Product Code: 5ch-402


Unicel 5CH-402 fits the following 40 sq. ft. spa filter models:
    Sundance spas 
    Del Sol Redondo spas
    Del Sol Hermosa spas

    Jacuzzi Premium spas
    South Pacific Spas
    Sold in 2-packs only
NOTE:  Filter top end has a bar handle and bottom end has 2 inch male thread/MPT

Unicel 5CH-402 replaces the following filter cartridges:
    Jacuzzi spa filter 6540-723 (6540723)
    Sundance spa filter 6540-723 (6540723)
    Del Sol spa filter 6540-723 (6540723)

NOTE: Original filter is 11" OAL and 5-1/2" OD.  This replacement will work for part numbers listed even though size is slightly different


Sq. Ft.



Pleat Count

3 ounce

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Additional Information:
Maintain your water clarity and keep your water clean with a Unicel replacement filter element.  Unicel as well as the OEM filter company's use a spunbonded, 100 percent polyester material called Reemay as their filter medium.  Reemay filter fabric is an FDA approved material for milk filtration and is a white material.  Some low end manufacturers are using a yellowish material to reduce costs; this is also reducing quality and durability.  The Unicel replacement filter elements are designed to the performance standards of the original filter manufacturer.  To maximize the life of your filter cartridges and to save on shipping it is recommended to purchase two filters and alternate two sets of cartridges when cleaning.

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