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Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect 1L - 03215/13215NCM

Product Code: 13215NCM

Price: $16.89

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  • 13215NCM
  • Filter Perfect 1 Liter from Natural Chemistry - an enzyme based filter cleaner
  • Non-toxic formula. 
  • Effective filter cleaner for all filter types: cartridges, DE grids, and sand filters
  • Acid-free, no fumes
  • Improves filter efficiency, longer times between filter cleanings
  • Removes waterline build-up on pools and spas
  • Concentrated solution that removes build up caused by: oils, grease, non-living organincs, and more.
  • NOTE:  Will not remove scale buildup on filter elements caused by chemical build-up

Directions for use of Filter Perfect:
For cartridge elements or DE grids:

  1. Remove cartridge elements or DE grids from filter tan and hose off loose material
  2. In a bucket or large trash container add 1L bottle of Filter Perfect with 5 to 10 gallons of water
  3. Place cartridge elements or DE grids in the container and soak for a minimum of 6 hours (recommended to soak overnight)
  4. Remove from solution and rinse thorougly
  5. Allow elements to dry completely before re-installing

For Sand Filters:

  1. Have pump running and filter in backwash mode.  Set valves so suction primarily comes from skimmer, not main drain
  2. Add entire 1L bottle of Filter Perfect to skimmer
  3. After contents of bottle have entered the filter, turn pump off and put valve in either close or filter position for a minimum of 6 hours (can leave overnight)
  4. Turn pump on with filter set to backwash, run until water flows clear (Do NOT allow pump to run dry)
  5. Return filter to normal operation

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