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Hayward D.E. Filter Models and Parts

Hayward DE Filters

Hayward DE filters contain diatomaceous earth, which is mined and is the fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms. They are used to coat "grids" in the filter housing and act as tiny sieves allowing for the removal of debris as small as 5 microns. Once the pressure rises, the filter is backwashed just like a sand filter and then "recharged" with more DE powder. DE filters trap debris as small as 2 - 5 microns.


Hayward D.E. filters offer superior water clarity, ease of maintenance and dependability.  There are different Hayward D.E. filter assembly models available: 

  • Pro Grid Series -  Pro-Grid™ vertical grid D.E. filters provide superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity for pools and spas of all types and sizes.  View Pro Grid parts diagram.
  • Perflex -  Hayward Perflex D.E. filters provide the deepest, most comprehensive clean, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron – 100 times smaller than a grain of salt. View Perflex parts diagram.
  • DEP 500 Series - Hayward's first filter model using the combined filtration of cartridge filters and D.E. technology.   No vertical grid D.E. filters, instead the benefits of Hayward cartridge filters.
  • MicroClear Series - Hayward's first D.E. filter models which have since been discontinued.  Some parts are still available and offered below..