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Shopping Online for Quality, Brand Name Pool Filters?  The Search is Over....All Pool Filters 4 Less

Do you maintain your own swimming pool?  Or for that matter, do you maintain anyone's swimming pool?  Just about everything is available for sale online today, including swimming pool filters and replacement cartridges.  The problem with online shopping is that it isn't always clear exactly what you are getting in your order.  Sometimes the search results bring back items that are similar to what you are looking for or are an exact lesser quality replacement of what you are looking for, so it is important to read the item details very closely.

This is particularly true when shopping for swimming pool filter replacement cartridges.  Most all swimming pool filter manufacturers such as Hayward, Jandy, Sta-Rite, and Pentair make their own cartridges designed specifically to fit their own specific filter models.  The original brand filter cartridges are designed to optimize the filtration capabilities of their pool filters to ensure sparkling clean water in your swimming pools.  As with many consumer goods, there are also comparable items available such as those made by after-market third party companies.  Some of the after-market companies such as Unicel and Pleatco, offer quality comparable filter cartridges for most of the top brand name pool filter models available.  They have been designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure they provide similar filtration capabilities as the originals.  Some others, however, are simply cheap imitations that have not been quality tested to ensure they provide the same level of filtration as the original.

Additionally, Hayward offers two replacement filter cartridges for most of their filter models: 1) the original 4 ounce filter fabric cartridge that is included with their filters at time of sale and 2) a 3 ounce filter fabric cartridge that they produce to provide a cost-effective alternative to the after-market cartridges being sold for their pool filters (part numbers end in BVS which stands for blue value series).  These BVS filter cartridges should cost about 25% less than the original Hayward cartridges since they have 25% less filter fabric which results in the need to clean them more often.  An easy way to tell the difference between the two besides the part number ending in BVS is that the Blue Value Series cartridges have blue end caps, while the original Hayward 4 ounce cartridges have black or grey endcaps.

At All Pool Filters 4 Less,our specialty is pool filter cartridges.  We have a large variety of replacement filter cartridges available from both the original pool filter manufacturers in addition to quality after-market companies.  All of our product descriptions clearly state the manufacturer of the filter cartridge as well other important information such as the cartridge measurements, square feet of filter fabric, and the filter models that the cartridge is intended for.


Never heard of us?  Check out our customer reviews to see what they've said about us on  We also post the reviews on our website home page.  You can shop with confidence with us at a time when everyone is selling pool filters online, but many are leading you to believe you are ordering an item that unfortunately does not arrive when they deliver your order to you. 


Lastly, for those pool owners in Eastern Palm Beach County, FL., you can take advantage of our flat rate local delivery shipping of only $5.99 for your entire order.  Although, only items in stock at our local West Palm Beach warehouse are eligible for this service.  During CHECK OUT you will be given the option of the $5.99 flat rate shipping if your entire order qualifies.  Many hayward original cartridges, unicel cartridges, filter parts, as well as A.O. Smith/Centurion and US Motors replacement pump motors are available for local delivery.


 On our website we have tried to make it as easy as possible to find what you need.  There are multiple ways to find what you are looking for:

1. If you know the part number you can simply press the SEARCH button in the upper right hand corner of any page and type in the search word and then hit the blue search button.

2.  On our main home page, if you scroll down we have category buttons that will guide you in the right direction.  Hayward Pool Filters, Pump Motors, Pool Accessories, etc.

3.  Lastly, if you click on the Product tab at the top left on any page, a flyout menu will appear that will guide you down to the filter model.  On the filter model page will be a list of all the products we sell for that particular filter. 



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