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An Advanced Guide: How to Clean Your Sta-Rite Pool Filter Effortlessly?

Sta-rite Pool Filter


Has your pool water turned slimy or murky?

Have you started avoiding your pool rather than enjoying it?

If yes, then it might be time to clean the filter.

Proper pool maintenance is an indispensable step to keep your pool water sparkling and clean. However, often pool owners overlook the importance of cleaning their pool filter.

Pool filter acts as the basic cleaning system of your swimming pool. It ensures that you never have to worry about dirt and mirk being accumulated in your pool. There is no doubt that the task of cleaning pool water is intimidating, but there is no way to get around it. If you wish to own a sparkling swimming pool, you have to clean your filter at some point.

Here we tell you everything from different types of filter to the right way to clean them.

Types of pool filters

There are three major types of pool filters – cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth(DE). Each one has its own pros and cons and works best under different conditions. How often you clean the Sta-Rite pool filter depends significantly on the type of pool and pool filters you own. Let us get to know about all of them one by one.

Cartridge pool filter

Cartridge filters are very common. The major benefit of a cartridge filter is the large surface area. It allows fewer clogs and easier maintenance. Moreover, they also operate at much lower pressure than sand pool filters. As a result, there is less backpressure on the pump which allows a greater flow of water through the system.

Cartridge filters contain fabric cartridges placed in the filter unit. Swimming pool water is passed through this fine filter surface that captures impurities. These impurities remain tangled in the filter surface until you clean them. They also make the filter folds clogged preventing the flow of water which in turn increases the pressure within the filter. If you own a Sta-Rite pool filter cartridge, ideally, you should clean it at least once a month during the summer (when the pool is operational). Now, let us get into the details of how to clean Sta-Rite pool filter cartridges. You can also refer to your Sta-Rite pool filter owner’s manual to learn about the cleaning process.

Step 1 – Turn off the pool pump to cease the water flow.

Step 2 – Relieve the pressure by turning the air relief valve (resting on the top of the filter) counterclockwise.

Step 3 – Turn the locking knob counterclockwise to take the pool filter head off to access the pool filter cartridge.

Step 4 – Lift the pool filter head off so that you can remove the cartridge from the pool filter body.

Step 5 – Use a garden hose with full spray nozzle to wash off the debris from the filter cartridge.

Step 6 – Keep cleaning like this by rotating the filter cartridge till all the debris has been removed.

Step 7 – Give extra spraying at the bottom as some of the debris gets collected here.

Step 8 (optional) - For an in-depth cleaning, fill a bucket with water and dissolve 1 cup of TSP (trisodium phosphate) powder in it. Leave the cartridge overnight or 3 hours in this solution. You can also use dishwater detergent or lukewarm water instead of TSP powder.

Step 9 – It is advisable to lubricate the pool filter head O-ring before changing the filter head. It will ensure a better fit and an extended life of O-ring.

Step 10- Once you are done with all the steps, fit all the parts as it was before and turn on the power of the pool pump to re-pressurize the pool filter.

Sand filter

Sand filters are compact, affordable and a popular mechanism to keep swimming pool clean. A sand filter tank constitutes metal, concrete, and fiberglass and grids of special-grade sand. Dirty water from the pool passes through the filter inlet pipe, and the tiny sand particles trap dirt and debris. This accumulated debris can slow down the water flow. You can get an idea of the blockage level inside by the pressure gauges at the filter inlet and outlet. When it reads 8-10 psi, it is time to clean.  Apart from regular cleaning, the sand should be changed every five years.

Let us get to know about Sta-Rite sand pool filter cleaning.

Step 1 – Turn off the pool pump by breaking the power to the pool.

Step 2 – Set the valve setting of the pool to the BACKWASH setting along with laying out your waste hose to a place where you wish the water to flow.

Step 3 – Turn the power on and run the pump for two minutes. Check if the water in the sight glass appears cloudy.

Step 4 – Once the water in the sight glass appears clear, turn the pump off.

Step 5 – Set the valve setting to RINSE. Again turn on the power and run the rinse cycle for a few minutes.

Step 6 – Send the water out of the waste pipe so that it doesn’t return to the pool.

Step 7 – Pump the clogged basket to cycle the water.

Step 8 – Once you finish all the steps, restore the filtration system by turning the power on.

Diatomaceous earth filters

DE pool filters is a swimming pool filter type that contains a grid, covered in DE powder. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an extremely fine powder manufactured by crushing the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms. This porous powder serves as an excellent filter for pool water.  The filter grids capture dirt, debris, and other contaminated particles. Ideally, you should clean DE filters every month.

Let us learn about Sta-Rite DE pool filter troubleshooting.

Step 1 – Check out the pressure gauge of your DE filter. If it reads 8-10 psi, it is time to clean your filter.

Step 2 – The first step to cleaning your DE pool filter is to backwash. It clears out all the dirt and debris, trapped inside your DE filter. Set the pool filter valve in BACKWASH position and turn the pool pump on till the discharge hose releases clear water.

Step 3 – Turn the pump off and remove the drain plug to release the water out of the filter tank. Open DE filter by undoing bolts and releasing the clamp around the tank.

Step 4 – Once you open the tank, take out each grid. Rinse the DE from filter grids by using a garden hose flush.

Step 5 – After cleaning the grids, place them back inside the filter. Lubricate the ring inside the tank.

Step 6 – Switch the valve back to Filter and turn the motor on.

Step 7 – Calculate the amount of DE you need for your Sta-Rite DE pool filter parts. Mix the required amount with sufficient water and prepare a creamy mixture. Keep your pump running and pour the mixture directly into the skimmer. It will drive the DE mixture to the filter which will be distributed evenly over the grids.

The Final Words

Your pool filter cleaning experience shouldn’t be an intimidating one. Pool filter cleaning is an important step to keep your pool clean and sparkling so, never neglect it. As long as you perform regular maintenance, there is very little chance you will encounter murky pools. Happy swimming!