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Sta-Rite makes the ultimate pool filters for large residential pools, the System 3 Series of cartridge filters.  The System 3 SM series of cartridge filters offers ultra high capacity filtration that is second to none.  Additionally, the modular design nestling one cartridge inside of another makes maintenance a breeze.  Both cartridges have shallower pleats than industry standard, making them easier to clean.  A simple spray with a garden hose will have them clean in minutes.  The optimized balanced flow tank hydraulic design allows for uniform dirt loading on the cartridges which results in less frequent cleaning.

Since the System 3 SM Series filters are cartridge filters, there is no need to backwash.  Backwashing of D.E. materials has been proven to be unsafe to the environment.  Cartridge filters are a green option for pool maintenance, no backwashing is required.  Meaning, no chlorine water from your pool is dumped into the environment.  The ultimate cartridge filter for today's larger residential pools is available in 4 sizes:

  1. Sta-rite S7M120 - provides 300 square feet of filter area and has a 100 gallon per minute flow rate
  2. Sta-rite S7M400 - provides 400 square feet of filter area and has a 115 gallon per minute flow rate
  3. Sta-rite S8M150 - provides 450 square feet of filter area and has a 124 gallon per minute flow rate
  4. Sta-rite S8M500 - provides 500 square feet of filter area and has a 130 gallon per minute flow rate

If you are looking for a large residential pool filter that is environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and has ultra-high filtration capabilities then look no further that the Sta-rite System 3 series of filters.

It should be noted that the S7M120 and S7M400 have a 21" tank, while the S8M150 and S8M500 have a 25" tank.  What that means, is that since the models share the same tank, you can then either upgrade or downgrade your cartridges in your unit depending on your situation.  For example, if you have the S7M120 and you feel the filtration could be better in your pool, or perhaps you want to have to rinse off the filters less frequently, you can order the cartridges for the S7M400.  This will upgrade your filtration by 33% capacity going from 300 to 400 square feet of filter fabric area.  Likewise if you feel your filter is over-kill for your pool and the cartridges are too expensive for your liking, if you have the S7M400 you can save money by ordering the cartridges for the S7M120.  Similarly, you could downsie your cartridges if you currently have the S8M500 down to the cartridges for the S8M150.

Lastly, if you have the System 3 D.E. cartridge model filters of the S7MD60 or S7MD72, these too allow for the cartridges to be interchangeable with each other.  The tanks are 21" each.  I have recently had a customer that didn't want to use D.E. anymore, so they swapped out the D.E. filter cartridge in the S7MD60 for the two cartridges in the S7M400 since again, all of the S7M* series filters share the same 21" tank.

These are just a few options that I wanted to make people aware of, especially, if they have recently purchased a new home and have inherited one of these StaRite System 3 filters.  They are the top of the line when it comes to cartridge filtration, but depending on your pool size, filtration needs, budget, and willingness to rinse out the cartridges you may want to consider swapping cartridges for a different model that will better meet your needs.