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If your pool has turned green because your pump has stopped or you've been unable to keep up with the chemicals there is hope to easily correct your swimming pool water.

When your pool turns green to the point you can't see the bottom, you feel like you have lost your pool and now have a pond in your backyard.  The good news is that you can take back your pool fairly quickly and easily.

The first thing to do is to get a product designed specifically for a green pool problem.  I would recommend a product from United Chemical Corp. called Swamp Treat.  A 1 pound bottle will treat a 20,000 gallon pool.  Your pool will go from a green swamp to blue in as little as a few hours. As the filtration system kicks in, the pool will clear.  Swamp Treat does NOT contain COPPER or any other heavy metals commonly found in many algaecides.  Plus, using this product will NOT wreak havoc on your pool chemical balance.  As a matter of fact, it will actually leave a chlorine residual after use.

You should see results in as little as a few hours.  Please note based on the amount of algae in your pool, you may need to rinse out your filter cartridge or backwash your DE filter system in order to clear all the debris from the pool.

Next, now that you can see clearly in your pool again you should check for any stains on your pool surface.  Some forms of black algae are particularly difficult to get rid of.  Also, any plant debris that sits for an extended period of time in the pool will also breakdown and stain your pool surface.  And, of course, and metal objects will leve rust stains in your pool.  We have discovered another great product from United Chemical Corp. to solve your pool stain problem.  It is called Pool Stain Treat.  Our customer's swear by this product, saying it can remove just about every stubborn stain in your pool.  It's available for only $18.99.

Next, you should get your water tested.  Make sure your water is balanced so you can keep it clean and sparkling clear.  If you need chlorine, I would recommend using granular chlorine.  In my 12 years experience of maintaining my own pool I have found that the granular chlorine does a much better job keeping your pool water balance.  Additionally, liquid chlorine contains quite a large amount of salt.  Over years of use, I found I had large amounts of salt particles in my pool that caused me to have to drain 20% of my pool water to get them removed.

Lastly, to ensure the swamp never returns I found a simple maintenance solution to keep the algae away for good.  Natural Chemistry's PhosFree product has kept my pool algae free for years now.  This product is an enzyme based product that will NOT interfere with your pool's water balance.  It focuses on removing phosphates from your pool.  Phosphates are bad to have in your pool because they act as algae food.  If you have no phosphates, you will have no algae.  Plain and simple.  Learn more about Natural Chemistry pool supplies.

I hope this helps you take back your swimming pool so you can enjoy it.