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Understanding Your Swimming Pool
Maintaining a swimming pool, at first, can seem fairly straightforward. While it’s not a difficult task, though various aspects can seem daunting and may begin to overwhelm you. We at All Pool Filters 4 Less are here to tell you that maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t need to be difficult. Whether you are new to owning a swimming pool or have recently been charged with the maintenance of a swimming pool, the following tips we have are for you.
Many people with swimming pools have it easy — all they do is use the pools while someone else maintains them. A pool service or another family member may be the ones in charge of keeping the pool clean and clear. On the other hand, some are not as lucky. That is, many are just starting out learning how to responsibly maintain a swimming pool.

Here's the pool system in a nutshell

The good news is that the swimming pool system is actually pretty basic once you gain the initial understanding of what it does. For the basic swimming pool setup, it is a closed-loop piping system which circulates water throughout your swimming pool. Outside of the pool, on that piping loop, you have a pump which pushes the water through the pipes to keep the water circulating. As the water circulates, it passes through a filter cleaning the water.
Inside the pool, you will find a skimmer which draws water in from the pool into the pipes for cleaning. There, you have a skimmer basket which collects any floating debris that happens to be in the water. Also located in the pool are water intakes. The water intakes are located on the bottom of the swimming pool and act to collect debris into the piping system that sinks to the bottom of the pool. The thought here is that the collected debris will be caught in either the leaf basket on the pool pump or in the pool filter.
Both the pool pump and the filter have two piping connections: one is for an inflow of water while the other is for an outflow of water. There are some optional pieces of equipment that may be added to your swimming pool system such as a heater, chlorine dispenser, or water clarifiers. You can even add piping for a spa when you have a pool/spa combination. For the most part, though, everything discussed to this point describes the most common pool system.
Now that you have a basic understanding of the swimming pool system, you will be able to more easily see where problems may occur and what the outcome may be. For example, if either of the debris baskets in the skimmer or pump become full the circulation of water will drastically slow down in your pool. The same can be said of the pool filter — if the pool filter becomes clogged, the circulating water flow in your pool will slow down or stop. Therefore, these areas of your pool system should be monitored on a regular basis. If you would like more information on how to do take care of your debris baskets or skimmer, we have several articles on our blog that will help you.
Another basic swimming pool maintenance tip that you will find helpful is to ensure the chemical balance in the water is well maintained. This is an especially critical aspect of swimming pool maintenance. If the chemical levels are not monitored regularly, you will immediately begin to see problems in the clarity and color of your water. With many useful articles on our blog, you will find several that pertain to swimming pool chemicals and how to maintain the chemical balance of your swimming pool.
At All Pool Filters 4 Less, we not only offer quality swimming pool products online for your pool, but we want to help you maintain the healthiest possible swimming pool by providing you with an extensive library of education and recommendations in our blog. If you have specific questions you can’t readily find answers to on our site, send us a note and we will get back with you as soon as possible.