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Lots of swimming pool owners are do-it-yourselfers and, as such, they want to buy the parts they need to maintain their pool equipment and install them on their own.  Some go to the local pool supply stores where they can get guidance from the pool experts in the store while others try to buy what they need online.  When shopping for pool equipment online it is important to be prepared and get all the critical information off your existing pool equipment such as the pool filter manufacturer/model, filter cartridge part number, pool pump manufacturer/model, and pump motor part number.

The information above is the most critical since it is from the equipment that is at the heart of your swimming pool:  filter, pump, and pump motor.

When searching for pool filter parts or replacement cartridges or D.E. grids:
Your pool filter manufacturer and model should be on the outside of the canister somewhere.  The major manufacturers are Hayward, Sta-Rite, Pentair, Jandy, Harmsco, and Waterway.  If you are looking for replacement parts or a replacement cartridge filter or DE filter grids you can either search for them by the manufacturer/model or the specific part number of the replacement part you need.  For example, in your preferred search engine such as Google you could enter the search words,  "Hayward C1200 filter parts" or Hayward CX1200RE.  The search results should provide plenty of places online for you to shop.  

When searching for pool pump motors:
Your motor is the cylinder attached to the pump where your leaf basket can be found.  When your pump fails or begins making loud noises (which indicates it may be about to fail) this will cause a complete stoppage of water movement in your pool.  Most people think they have to get a whole new pump, but actually, you only have to replace the pump motor.  Pumps and pump motors are typically sold together as a single unit so most people think if they purchase a Hayward pump they are getting a Hayward pump body and a Hayward motor.  This is NOT the case.  The manufacturers of filters and pumps are primarily plastics companies.  They purchase the motors from third parties and assemble them together as a single pump unit for resale.  When sold as a single unit, the pump company usually has an agreement with the motor company to have the motor painted the same color as their pump unit.  However, for a replacement motor, most all of the motors come in black.  The motors of most of the major filter and pump manufacturers are made by A.O. Smith/Centurion.  Some are made by Emerson or Marathon.  If you need to replace your motor it is best to get the motor part number when trying to buy a replacement.  If you cannot get the motor part number then the manufacturer AND model of the pump will be enough to track down the correct motor.  However, to find the replacement motor YOURSELF online, the motor part number will be your best way to look for it on any search engine.  For example, on Google type in B625 or ST1102 or USQ1152 and you should be returned plenty of online stores selling these units.

I hope this information is helpful.  This is how I researched getting parts for my swimming pool a few years ago, now I actually own my own online swimming pool supply  I've been in business over 8 years now.  As a pool owner, I was the type of do-it-yourself customer that was shopping for pool equipment online, so I tried to develop my website to cater to this type of customer.  Come check out our selection of pool filters, filter cartridges, DE grids, pumps, pump motors, pool chemicals, pool covers, timers, and more.  The site is pretty easy to navigate, we have a great product search feature and we've got great prices and fast UPS shipping.

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