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With our continued expansion of our product offering we are pleased to announce that we are now offering many of the most needed pool chemicals such as fast dissolving shock, 1 inch and 3 inch trichlor chlorine tabs, skimmer sticks, and several products from Natural Chemistry.  Natural Chemistry offers enzyme based solutions to help keep your pool water clean and clear.  Natural Chemistry has algae preventers/killers such as PhosFree and Commercial Strength PhosFree.  They also have a great product to winterize your pool to make it easy to close and open your pool with minimal maintenance - Pool Magic plus PhosFree.  Their Pool First Aid product helps to solve various problems with a troubled pool - helps to clear cloudy water and breakdown organic contaminants.  Natural Chemistry Pool Cover Cleaner will help you to easily clean off your pool cover during your pool opening.

Natural Chemistry's latest product called Pool Perfect Total is available now and cleans your pool in 3 ways: 1) Phosphate remover will help reduce "algae food" to reduce algae growth, 2) enzymes will naturally breakdown body oils, suntan lotions, and plant pollen, and 3) it provides water clarification and water polishing for that crystal clear water look.  Read more about Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Total.

Pool timers from Intermatic have also been added to our product offerings.  The T100 series, America's most popular timer, has been added.  We have included both the 110V and 220V options, both plastic and metal enclosures, as well as the mechanism only for those that are fixing their existing timer.  We also have the T100 series timers with built in heater protection.

I hope you'll continue to think of us at when you have pool supply needs.  We don't just provide pool filters anymore!!!