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2019 Florida Gators Football - How Things Change

Below is the original blog article I wrote back in 2012 when Will Muschamp led our Gators to an 11-1 season.  I was drinking the Kool-Aid.  We all now how things went after that season....not so good.  But here it is 2019, we got our old Offensive Coordinator under Urban Meyer, Dan Mullen, back from his stint at Mississippi State.  He far exceeded my expectations for 2018.  And capped it off with an awesome beat down of Michigan in our bowl game.  Although, just yesterday Michigan beat up our basketball team in the NCAA Tournament.  But that was to be expected.  

Back to football.  I'm really looking forward to the August 24, 2019 matchup against Miami in Orlando, FL.  It's going to be on ESPN as one of only two college football games that weekend.  I'm hoping our new recruits show some promise and can start off the season with a win against our old rivals.  It's time for the Gators to get a W against Miami.  Unfortunately, it's been a while.

If you're part of the Gator Nation, then cheers to you and our team.  Go Gators.

Original 2012 article below....


The fall brings with it one of my favorite things, Florida Gator football.  I'm a Gator.  Graduated back in 1989.  I've been following them ever since.  This year as the season started my expectations weren't very high.  Coming off a 7-6 season didn't raise my hopes.  But then, we beat Texas A & M on the road, then Tennessee, then LSU.  There were signs of life....hope was back.  Will Muschamp is doing something right.

Now, here it is 11/27/12....the regular season is over and the Gators are an incredible 11-1.  Hats off to my Gators and Will Muschamp.  And speaking of Will Muschamp, that guy is starting to grow on me.  He lived in G'ville for a while growing up, he is very emotional during the games, and he loves DEFENSE.  And his latest thing is saying "This Gator team is SEXY."   That just cracks me up.  Have you ever heard someone say a football team is sexy?  He has said it now a few times and I just love it.  They may not get to have a shot at the National Championship because of that stumble against Georgia....Jeff Driskel had 4 turnovers, but I am considering this team as one of the great teams of Florida.  Not alot of superstars, but alot of talent.  That defense had an incredible year.  And to close the season at FSU in a great game that showed the country just how good the Gators are this year, was icing on the cake for me.  Of course, beating FSU is always a good thing.

Go Gators.

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